Looking Back to Move Forward

Today, as I was sitting and doing my daily bible reading. I begin to think back on things, I wish could be erased from the history book of my life. Yet, the sad truth is that its impossible. Time spent looking back, is hardly ever used for positive but rather the negative. Instead of looking back and considering the short comings of your past that will only place a hindrance on your present. Why not look back at the good, that it may launch you forward.

A good example of someone told to look back was Joshua, Joshua in Chapter 1 of the book of Joshua is now stepping up to plate after his leader Moses had struck out and went to be with the Lord. In Joshua 1:5 God speaks unto Joshua  “As I was with Moses so will I be with thee. Now you must notice the impact that this statement made in Joshua’s mind. He had walked with Moses and was his right hand man. He was a wonderful servant, that gave Moses great aid in his ministry. His walk with Moses wasn’t a boring time but it was a walk packed with works of God that even today we still cant come to fathom. Imagine how much more of a overwhelming force such works would have on you today if your own eyes beheld them.

Lets consider a few things Joshua witnessed, being Moses’s side kick.

  • Moses was in Egypt and God being with him freed those who were slaves under the hand of an evil ruler. They faced whips across their backs and was forced to work with limited resources. However, God with the lambs blood on the doorpost God delivered them.
  • When Moses was at the Red Sea in a hard spot pinned between Pharaoh and  the Red Sea. God made a way for Moses through the Red Sea, and crushed those behind in the same sea. They watched their biggest enemies to be washed away right before their eyes.
  • When they was in Morah and the waters were bitter, God made the waters sweet to satisfy their thirst.
  • When they had empty bellies in the wilderness, God brought provision from heaven to feed them.

The entire life of Moses was proof that God is faithful unto his people. And God is saying, Joshua I never failed Moses, and I will never fail you. Obey what i say, and do as I say do. Then Joshua you will have someone to look at you and the works I did through you one day.

Friend, do we not have 66 books in one book? That has and endless supply of examples of God being faithful and God not failing his people? Then why can we not recall God’s work in saints of old, and trust he is the same God for us as he was for them? His promises never fail, and his words are always faithful! He is with us, just as he was with Moses, and Joshua. He will keep the promises hes made to you.

Whatever is in front of you fret not over it. Just look back, and see all the glorious works God has done. He is wanting you to stay in the dark clouds, so that after he may present unto you a beautiful rainbow after the storm. Move forward and have faith in him who is faithful to bring a work forth from you.


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